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Paella is one of our specialties. 

You can make now your requests and we will cook “live” at your event or we took it ready for tasting hot.

The service includes: Organic salad selection, selection of breads: American Dinner Rolls, Baguette Rolls, and Single Cuban Rolls and Butter

Select from the following types of Paella:

Paella Valenciana

Our Best Value without a doubt! The Paella Valenciana is cooked using only the freshest ingredients in saffron and fish broth, fish fillet, Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels, Squid, chicken, and chorizos, garnished with green peas, black Olive, and roasted red peppers.



20 PEOPLE———————-$340.00

30 PEOPLE———————-$450.00

40 PEOPLE———————-$510.00

50 PEOPLE———————-$570.00

60 PEOPLE———————-$620.00

70 PEOPLE———————-$650.00

Paella Marinera

Our Paella Marinera is a Seafood only paella; with shrimp, calamari, scallops, fish, and lobster (one half lobster tail per 2 people). cooked in saffron and garnished with roasted red peppers, olives, and green



20 PEOPLE———————-$450.00

30 PEOPLE———————-$590.00

40 PEOPLE———————-$630.00

50 PEOPLE———————-$680.00

60 PEOPLE———————-$730.00

70 PEOPLE———————-$780.00

Paella Campesina

Boneless chicken, pork, spanish sausage, bacon, mixed vegetables cooked in rice, garnished with red peppers, olives, green peas and corn on the cobs.



20 PEOPLE———————-$320.00

30 PEOPLE———————-$405.00

40 PEOPLE———————-$440.00

50 PEOPLE———————-$475.00

60 PEOPLE———————-$510.00

70 PEOPLE———————-$525.00

Arroz con Pollo

This is a very traditional Cuban dish made with rice cooked in a chicken broth. For this dish we use boneless chicken and garnish it with roasted red peppers, green peas and olives.



20 PEOPLE———————-$300.00

30 PEOPLE———————-$390.00

40 PEOPLE———————-$420.00

50 PEOPLE———————-$450.00

60 PEOPLE———————-$480.00

70 PEOPLE———————-$490.00

Rice Fried

Our Rice Fried is is made with   ham, shrimp, chicken, scallions,bean sprouts and eggs.



20 PEOPLE———————$320.00

30 PEOPLE———————$400.00

40 PEOPLE———————$480.00

50 PEOPLE———————$520.00

60 PEOPLE———————$555.00

70 PEOPLE———————$595.00

Vegetarian Paella

Our Vegetarian Paella is a mixed vegetables with green olives, red peppers and green peas.



20 PEOPLE———————$250.00

30 PEOPLE———————$290.00

40 PEOPLE———————$320.00

50 PEOPLE———————$350.00

60 PEOPLE———————$375.00

70 PEOPLE———————$385.00

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