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Our Policies


Thank you for considering PartyMusic for your event.

Since 2012, PartyMusic Team has handle DJ and lighting services at thousands of events (wedding, baby shower, Sweet 16, corporate events, others) and hundreds of venues all around south Florida including Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center, Westland Mall, Miami Marriott Dadeland, Coral Gables Merrick House, Fall Mall, Gateway Park-Sunny Isles Beach, International Mall and Key Largo Bay Marriot Beach Resort.

Why are we so successful and what are the keys to our success? YOU

Our customers are the principal foundation of PartyMusic, therefore, customer service is a top of our priority. All our customers will be treated with respect and professionalism without regard to gender, ethnicity, age, race, and social or economic status.

For that reason, in order to establish a unique experience with regards to our service the following policy and procedures handbook have been instituted.


1.1 We operate on a first come, first served basis (FCFS) without infringing on the service needs of other customers.

1.2 We accept reservation approximately 6 months in advance of the request event date. If you are planning an event during certain seasons and on holidays, we recommend booking a few months in advance as this is the most request time.

1.3 Once you have decided an event date, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Complete form to obtain a quote

  2. An email with the quote and proposal will be send to your email

  3. We will wait for your confirmation

  4. Once accepted, you will be receiving an invoice as our confirmation

1.4 Pricing will vary, depending on several factors:

  • Certain seasons and on holidays.

  • Length of the Event

  • Location

  • Package Deals. Several Package deals are available (click here to see packages). However, we understand that each event brings its own unique element, that is why we have custom packages to suit your needed.

1.5 PartyMusic provides also rental services for our equipment (click here to download) Appendix A:Equipment Rental Agreement (Lease)



2.1 Depending on several factors including the type of service you would like, a deposit is required.

2.2 The deposit will be applied towards the service amount.

2.3 Deposit shall be paid via Mobile Payment Apps

  • Zelle

  • Cash App

  • PayPal

Please note there is a handling fee for using which customer is responsible if paying via PayPal. This option will be classified for people who need to make a deposit more than 6 months in advance. PayPal provides additional protection to customers.

2.4 The entire service amount shall be paid to PartyMusic at the beginning of the event date.

2.5 Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Cash

  • Mobile Payment Apps (I.e. Zelle and Cash App)

  • Card (3.1% of transaction is applied)

  • Check. Shall be payable to “PartyMusic.” If a check is returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds, a non-sufficient funds/returned fee will be assessed.


3.1 Requests for changing date is subject to availability and are taken on a case by case basis. Please note, if you have to change the date or time, notify us 48 hours before your scheduled event, fees may apply.

3.2 Cancellations received 3 days prior to your schedule event, there will not be a charge. Eligible for refund, 100% deposit. 

3.3 In the case, you have to cancelled for any reason 48 hours before your scheduled event, you are not entitled to the deposit, however, it will be used for your next event. 

3.4 All events cancelled 24 hours or on the same day are not entitled to the return of the deposit. Only exception to this is a complication beyond control which reservation fee/deposit will be used for your next event. 

3.5 All cancellations must be submitted in writing via email or text message.


4.1 PartyMusic Staff members are responsible and must be prepared to provide the best customer service in a timely, pleasant manner and are empowered to make decisions that will ensure a unique experience for each our customer while at the same time fulfill the needed of the individual with the overall needs.

4.2 Equipment shall no be located in places where it could be get wet.  Must be located under roof or tent. You are responsible to request a tent for an additional fee if needed due to weather condition. 

4.3 Customer is responsible for paying any charges imposed by the venue. These charges may include parking.

4.4 If customer/venue requires to complete setup before the start time, or to postpone take down after the end time, the additional time will be charged.

4.5 Our staff will play all the agreed-upon musical playlist which was requested (if any) by the customer. Our staff will not be responsible if musical selections are not available during the event that was not requested prior.

4.6 Customer shall provide safe work environment for our staff. In the event deemed by our staff the presence of a threat or implied threat of injury or harm, they reserve the right to o terminate services and leave.

4.7 Our staff reserves the right to use their professional discretion during the event to ensure a successful event. 

4.8 In the event, we are unable to provide our services due to complications beyond our control will referral you to our third-party vendor.

V. Third Party Vendors Referral

5.1 In cases where PartyMusic is unable to meet customer demand, our staff will referral customers to other partner businesses. Our staff members will contact the third-party vendor to ensure that the service needed is available.

5.2 Third Party vendors referral are subject to Third Party Referral Partner contract agreement and are not subject to these policies in document.


6.1 We request that you provide certain personal information. Such as... 

  • First and Last name

  • Email Address

  • Telephone

  • Home/Event Address

6.2 We use the information collected to 

  • Provide the service

  • Communicate with you 

6.3 All the information that you provide is private and secure.

6.4 We do not store mobile apps details nor do we share customers details with any third party.

6.5 We take precautions to protect your information, online and offline.

7.1 PartyMusic attempt to be responsive to customer and to address any concerns or complaints the customer may have.
7.2 We are responsible to protect the customer’s right and improve the quality of service.
7.3 In the unlikely event that there is a complaint regarding one of our staff it must be brought to our attention immediately.
7.4 Customers should initially direct their concerns to PartyMusic.

7.5 The complaints should be made in writing via email.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.                                                                      

Version: 1.2

Date: July 11, 2021

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